Code Contributions welcome! 🙌

Thinking of contributing to Penpot core but not sure where to start? We’ve made a curated selection of enhancements to help you with that. We believe that these tasks should be a great way to get started with Penpot development and quickly become an active contributor.

How to start

If you decide to start working on one contribution, please tell us so we can help you. We are willing to provide guidance, context and all the information needed. You can do it the way you are most comfortable with, but leaving a reply at this post seems the best option, so that the conversation can help others.

Also, you can find contribution guidelines at the Core code contributions guide.

The list

Here’s the list of enhancements. These are all GitHub issues labeled with the tag contributions-welcome.


Wow huge work Andy¡¡¡ It will be great if a lot of people help us¡¡¡ :slight_smile:

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Hi Penpot team,

I would really try to help (so far I contributed only once), but I can’t find specific area. I’m living on the edge of design and frontend disciplines – which mean’s I’m mostly responsible for the quality of frontend implementation and consistency across the all product. I love improving accessibility, designing CSS architecture (and working with CSS in general) and building design system (in both - design tools and Front-End). If you find this skill useful, please feel free to contact me and I could pick out areas for improvement. Or if you feel that there is something for me, I would like to help. Good luck!


Is there a way for designers to contribute? I would be interested in help but not certain how. Cheers and good luck!

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Hi there!!! Thank you so much for your interest.

Here you have a post about design contributions :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need anything else.