Code Contributions welcome! 🙌

Hello @ondrejkonec:
Our backend has not hot reload, you must stop the tmux window with ctrl+c and start it again (usually copy the command with arrow up)
Our fronted has hot reload, if you change something of css con clojure script it usually reloads automatically. You can look at tmux windows 0 and 1 to check if everything is up and running.

Thanks! I was thinking about frontend. Since I can see changes there, Penpot app is not refreshing and I have to press refresh button in browser to see changes. Is it as it supposed to be? Thanks!

My Tmux looks like this, it keeps watch main open.
My collegues are telling me that your problem can come from your file system or your OS.
Can you give me this info of your setup?
Let’s see what we can do.

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Thank you @Eva_Marco for your patience. I don’t know why, but app is now refreshing for unknown reason. Next time, I’ll wait at least few hours before I write a post, because this is the second time this has happened. For unknown reason, it works at the moment.

Maybe it’s different, because of my OS (MacOS Ventura 13.0, with M1 chip) using default terminal or VSCode terminal.

Thanks again Eva.

Okkk no problem.
Let us know if you have any issue. :smiley:

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