Our upcoming Penpot Flex Layout feature needs you!

[UPDATE] This beta-test is closed so we won’t accept more volunteers. We’ve gathered extremely valuable feedback and are already making fixes and improvements based on it. Thanks to all!

One of the most requested features is almost ready! But in order to make it even more special, we need your help! The Flex Layout allows you to automatically adapt your designs. Resize, fit, and fill content and containers without the need to do it manually.

So, we are looking for volunteers to be part of the beta test of our new Flex Layout feature (aka. Auto Layout or Smart Layout). Penpot’s Layout Flex follows web standards (CSS), making it easier than ever to make it trivial to get the code from the design.

If you’re as excited as we are about this and can spend a bit of time contributing to Penpot, you just need to email support@penpot.app with the subject “Beta test volunteer”. Please make sure to briefly discuss what’s your role and how do you plan to use this new feature on Penpot. This will help us massively when coming back to you with further details.

We expect to start the test no later than mid-December, so all the help we can get now is super welcome. For sure, feel free to share this with your broader friends and colleagues network. The more, the merrier!

Whether you can be part of this Beta team effort or not, we’re sure you can feel the excitement about being so close to releasing such a big capability. And the good news is that we see this as just one small step towards our mission, to make design and code collaboration seamless using open source and open standards!


Figma auto layout is a reduction of what is available in the flex box model for CSS. Executing this feature accurately would definitely put Penpot on the board as a contender. Looking forward to it.


It’s way more advanced and flexible than what exists in Figma today. It blew me away (as a beta tester).


This sounds awesome, I wish I didn’t miss the beta. I’ve always said that a tool like Webflow, but for prototyping rather than building production websites, would be amazing for UX/UI designers. It sounds like PenPot is kind of heading in that direction by implementing the real browser layout tools in mockups. One of the biggest issues I’ve seen when it comes to design to developer hand off, is telling developers with minimal front end dev experience how to implement a static design in a fluid medium. Being able to design with flex/css-grid, and then passing the information along properly to a dev will be huge!


This amazing support from the community has translated into a stunning feature. We’ve just launched this landing page featuring everything about Penpot’s layout! Thanks again to all of you <3 Check it out Penpot Flex Layout: Key Features