What to learn in order to contribute?


I am a full-stack developer. Know near zero Clojure, but I have been fantasizing about learning it for a while now.
I have also recently found Penpot and really like it. I would like to contribute, and I think it will be a good motivator to start learning Clojure for real.

So, I would appreciate any of these from people who have contributed:

  • Names of technologies / frameworks / libraries that are used in Penpot. I know almost nothing of the Clojure ecosystem.
  • Any good place to start learning, websites, references, etc. I can easily find some, but recommendations are welcomed.
  • Any general advice.

Thank you all :smile:

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Hi Oliver, I’m not a developer, but we have this list. Take a look , it can give you idea of contribution that you can do in a future:

Hello @OliverLSanz:
We use Clojure for backend and common files and Clojurescript for creating our component system that is a reflect of React.
You can watch some of our videos on youtube talking about code like those:

Also you can practice some exercises with exercism → Clojure on Exercism
or koans → http://clojurescriptkoans.com/
And always read the documentation
Clojure - API Documentation

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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