Some of the ways you can contribute to Penpot!

Hello all!

At penpot you have many ways to contribute, no matter where you are or your level of expertise. We have three main areas of contribution: code, design and languages.


We have many ways to contribute to the Penpot code. The one that is the simplest is Reporting Bugs. If you have a bug or an idea, read the contributing guidelines before opening an issue.

Also, we have an extensive list of contributions welcome as a tag in our GitHub issues. Furthermore, you can find the highlight of that list here:

Right now, we are looking for help with the Penpot exporter:

UX/UI contributions

At this moment, we have a list of Libraries & templates contributions that can help you get inspired. For other types of UX/UI contributions, we are still assessing what is the best way to handle it.

Keep an eye on the community, time to time we came here to ask for help with feature testing and feedback on important roadmap topics.


Would you love to see Penpot in your language? You can make it a possible! Helping with translations is very easy, create a Weblate account and just leave a comment here with your Weblate user and the language you would like to translate. We will grant you the access to it.

These are our basic contribution, if you have more ideas on how to contribute, let us know, we would love to make it possible!

If you need help to start working on one contribution, please tell us! We will provide guidance, context and all the information that you require.



I would like to work on translation (Languages) aspect. Please point me in the right direction.

Thank you

Hi @panchtatvam , which language would you like to translate? Please, send me your Weblate user and I can give you access


I would like to help with the translations of the Greek Language. My Webplate username is: @bill-mpakas

Thank you!

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Hi, you’ve already been added to the weblate project.

Here you can find more information about how to contribute on the translations: 02· Translations


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