Planned downtime for Penpot 2.0 release

We’re set to deploy Penpot 2.0 on Sunday, April 7th. You read right.:grin: Penpot 2.0 is nearly here!

We’ve been sharing sneak peeks into the exciting features of this release: the revolutionary CSS Grid Layout, the new component system, the redesign of Penpot UI, performance enhancements and more.

Now, there’s one final step to make sure you get the best experience with Penpot.

These are the event details for the planned downtime:

  • Date: Sunday, April 7th.
  • Duration: 4 hours approximately.
  • Scheduled between: 6 AM and 10 AM CET (Central European Time) | 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM IST (India Standard Time) | 00:00 AM - 4 AM ET (Eastern Time) | 22:00 PM Apr. 6th - 2 AM. Apr. 7th PT (Pacific Time)

We’ll keep you informed on our progress during maintenance downtime.



Yey! I’m trully excited to work on Penpot 2.0

I have a silly question, though: when the git will be available so it can be update on self-hosting cases?
I’m designer, not dev, and I’d like to schedule this update with the team asap =)

(also not fluent in English, so so sorry for any confusing writting)


It would be available after the Penpot 2.0 official lunch day, the 9th.


I cannot wait to package penpot 2.0 for self-hosting


Please solve the issue with user creation, that is not working.

Hello @nextideas could you explain more what is happening?

Sure. After the installation (self-hosted) i let the config file default for user settings.
i create a user during the wizard, but i was not able to login, and this happen with all others users that i create over web gui, or users created by CLI command. None of them log in.

Is Penpot-Desktop working properly?

We have just update self-hosting with Docker but I could not connect it to my desktop app. I was looking for a new Desktop version at Install on macOS - SudoVanilla Documentation but there is these Danger warning :

“The DMG file that is usually provided is damaged in the latest release. A download will not available until further notice.”

Sorry, Penpot Desktop is not an applcation made by Penpot team, and we cannot give support.

You can check the community thread and ask there, or look for contact info there.

:cry: I had no idea of that! thanks though

btw: Penpot Desktop is a must for big projects and/or specially for people who works with one notebook/window only :four_leaf_clover: