Introducing: Penpot Desktop

About Penpot Desktop

Mostly an embed using a WebView, but I plan to add more onto it later on.

This is very new, so it’s not perfect, but it works(at least).


  • Use Penpot Desktop on your own server if you’re self-hosting
  • Dark mode in Dashboard

Features Planned for the Future

  • Tabs
  • Login via Web Browser


macOS does not include auto update, you’ll need to manually update the app.



Linux (AppImage)

Linux (Snap)

Linux (Command Line)



After downloading the setup file for Penpot Desktop, you’ll notice a pop up when opening the setup file.

The pop up should be Smartscreen saying “Windows protected your PC” and “Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecoginzed app from start…”. This is because the setup file for Penpot Desktop is unsigned and Windows will do this for all unsigned files, whether if the file is actually safe to use or not.

Just click “Show More” and then “Run anyway”.


(This is a temporary work-around until the issue is resolved.)
When you launch the Penpot desktop app for the first time, macOS (from approx. version 11 and higher) may not allow it to launch for security reasons.

You may see an error message saying Penpot-Desktop "…cannot Be Opened Because the Developer Cannot Be Verified’. Until this has been resolved a work-around is:

  1. Navigate to the application in Finder
  2. Right-click the application icon and select “Open”
  3. Confirm in the dialog which will be shown

The Penpot-Desktop app is now saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can any registered app.

This is community software and not official software by Penpot.


Wo, this is awsome.
Installed AppImage on Debian Buster and works like a charm. Only it requires to run with --no-sandbox flag. Which often happens with appimages in debian.

Most of the development is done on Fedora Workstation, on my main machine, and I don’t seem to have any issues with AppImage.

AppImage is used since Electron Builder supports auto updating for AppImage. I do plan to support Flatpak in the future.

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It actually may have to do with electron rather then the appimage.

Just .desktop file when calling the executable has to have the the command --no-sandbox and then no issues whatsoever. I think it has to do with debian security. But in this case it is safe to ignore. I think there are ways to do it without the flag too.

But its all good like this too.
Thanks for the app, its nicer then runniing it in a browser.

I actually have a script for this, you can try running this:

bash <(curl -s

I’m not perfect, so maybe check the script’s code before running it, just in case.
But it basically creates a folder for Penpot to put an AppImage in, then creates a .desktop file to execute the AppImage file.

Update: Just ran it on my machine, still works fine. Just had to update the SH file that the desktop entry file points to.