Intentional updates for shared libraries

Hey, thanks for Penpot 2.0 at first!
Just started to do a real deep dive after using Figma and Sketch for many years now.

I’ve realized that when I do changes in a shared library, those are instantly shared with consumers of this library.
This feels very fragile to me imagining the situation working on the library and doing an accidental change which breaks all the layouts since I couldn’t do a proper testing beforehands in the library file.

Did I maybe just missed that option or is the behavior intentional?
I personally would prefer to do my changes and when I tested the sh*t out if it I can press a publish changes button with the option to add notes to a changelog.

The main issue I see here is it creates a lot of unnecessary traffic and the consumers are also getting an update-popup every time a small change happened.

I’ve just realized that it even pushes update infos when nothing was changed but slightly moved inside the library.

Thanks in advance,