New interaction feature: on "trigger" -> Swap Component

Hi there guys! With the progress to Penpot 2.0 and the swap component feature things will change to the better, but there are a few ways we can improve over it.

One Idea I had is that we add as one of the possible interactions that we could swap an component after a certain trigger, like I click in one button (that is a component) and it changes to another one I have as a component.


This would allow us to design certain micro-interactions to our prototypes. What do you guys think? I think this is a great thing to have on Penpot, or maybe just the Figma-ish variants with interactions within it would fit too, but maybe it would be more work to be done? No idea…


Hello @RenanMayrinckDesign , this makes a lot of sense. We have it in our backlog for future developments:


A BIG BIG yes for this feature.