Penpot Feature Roadmap page for the community

Ever since the announcement of Adobe acquiring Figma, the interest in Penpot is increasing day by day. Which is a good a thing for Penpot and its community. Regarding this new shift, I think Penpot should create a single dynamic “Penpot Feature Roadmap Page” for all their current and upcoming features, and even the ones they have considered from the community. I believe this could give all those users switching from Figma, Adobe XD or sketch a sense of hope and foresight of what Penpot is working on. This could work in the best interest for the Penpot community.

I hope the team at Penpot will consider this suggestion.


We have a public backlog: Taiga

There you can find information about what is in progress (the sprints at the right side column) and what is in our plans (the main list, which is partly prioritized).

I hope this can shed some light about our upcomming developments.


@myfunnyandy, okay, got it. Is it open to the public for signup or how does it work? Any place I can get an insight?

Thanks :blush:

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@KwesiArter: You can just click the link, no need to sign up.

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