Figma to PenPot

Hi all! Trying out PenPot and seeing what it can all do compared to figma currently. The main question I have at the moment is for any Design Systems and UI Kits I have in figma. Can those be imported and work the same in penpot?

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Howdy Cody!

The short answer is yes. This plugin has grown pretty robust over the years. It can export your files as well as the components in them :slight_smile:

As far as using libs in Penpot, once the lib file is in your project (not just your personal files) you can click the more menu here and click “Add as Shared Library”

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Awesome that seems to be what I was looking for. I need to read up on importing custom fonts and it seems like the process will work.

Thanks so much!


It seems like any of my larger files will crash PenPot when trying to work on them. The interface is very nice though. So will have to hold off from completely migrating from figma just yet.

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shoot, sorry to hear that!