Penpot 2.0 Losing changes

We have started using Penpot 2.0 at our design agency and we really like the grid and layout functionality. We have noticed however, that our designs can often lose some of the latest changes we have applied (changes from the last 30 minutes or so). Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Thanks.

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We are wondering if this caused by the fact that we have the same design open on two computers and one of the windows is left behind the other when the computer goes in standby. Once the computer wakes up, the old version might be pushed to the server overriding the new one. Just to be clear it is the online version of Penpot 2.0 we are using. We haven’t tried yet the self-hosted one.

Hello @jackzooshme, since when you started to notice this issue? Are you always online when you work on your penpot files? Are you working with teammates?

Hi there!

We’ve just recently started using the software, maybe a week ago. The design file is always open in our web browsers. Theres two of us working on this file currently.

Did you notice any error message before or when that happened?

No we didn’t get any error messages, but its something that seems to keep happening.

If this keep happening, please reach out to, there we can assist you better