Feature requests: scrollable boards and paste in place

I have recently started using Penpot for UI design and am loving the platform immensely, lots of props to the developers!

It would be incredible if boards inside other boards could not only clip its content but also make it scrollable. Having a dropdown to choose the axis would be even better. (See mockup above.)

Furthermore, I did notice that it is not yet possible to copy an object and paste it to another board in the same position. Pasting using ctrl+v pastes the object to the cursor position. Perhaps pasting using ctrl+shift+v could be a shortcut to pasting to the position of the original object.

Have a nice day!

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About paste in place: current behavior is that when you copy a layer that is inside a board and paste it inside another board it is placed in the same coordinates that in was the origin board. Wouldn’t it be what you are expecting?

About scrollable boards: It is a very interesting idea but at a technical level there is a lot to consider because the SVG nature will hardly allow this at the design workspace. It is definitely more feasible at the view mode. We might think soon in making something similar to the Fix elements at scroll feature. You did a nice design proposal though!

About paste in place, when copying objects from one board to another, it really does paste at the mouse position, not at the original coordinates.

I thought a workaround for me would be to use ctrl+d to duplicate an object and using the layers column to move the object to another board, with the original coordinates. However, when moving an object to another board using the layers column, the position is unchanged, which was really confusing to me as I would expect it to move to the other board, at its original coordinate.

I still think that when using copy/paste (between boards or even within a board), it would be great to be able to paste at the original location when using ctrl+shift+v, like in Photoshop.

About scrollable boards, thanks for the reply, I hope to see this option in the future.

You’re totally right about the paste in place. In fact we have an enhancement in our roadmap to add the feature.

I was refering to a very specific behavior when you are selecting boards, which is clearly not what you’re missing (don’t know what I was thinking when I replied). Doing this also when moving an object to another board using the layers column is something that might not be expected for all users, in fact it does not work like that in other similar tools.

But yeah, we will definitely add the shortcut ctrl+shift+v.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Please see the animated gifs to see how it works in Photoshop compared to Penpot. I think it’s odd that moving an object using the layers column doesn’t move it to that board.