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Hello there!

I want to start by saying, I really appreciate the work you guys are doing with Penpot. The idea of having a professional, sleek and by-the-people-for-the-people software alternative for UI/UX designers is really extremely appreciated :clap:, it’s getting frustrating out there…

So, a feature that I would really like to see in Penpot, is the “copy as…” on the context menu. It’s extremely convenient, and seves us a lot of time when working.

Here is what it looks like on Figma:

I ran a simple test, copying an elipse between both softwares, and found different behaviors.

  1. I created an elipse on Penpot and an elipse on Figma.

  2. I copied the elipse form Penpot (with ctrl+c), to Figma, and got a big string of data:

  1. Then, I copied the elipse from Figma (with ctrl-c), to Penpot, and got an empty text element that disappeared after deselection.
    (Can’t share another screenshot here :grimacing:)

  2. I copied the elipse from Figma (with “copy as SVG”), to Penpot, and got a group.
    (Can’t share another screenshot here :grimacing:)

  3. I copied the elipse from Figma (with “copy as SVG”), to Figma, and got a frame.
    (Can’t share another screenshot here :grimacing:)

  4. I copied the elipse from Figma (with “copy as PNG”), to Penpot, and got an image, as expected.

So, notice that Figma’s context menu, also has the ability to copy/paste properties, which is what I think Penpot’s copy, kinda do by default…? That’s maybe why we cant simply copy and paste content from Penpot to Figma, and from Figma (with ctrl+c) to Penpot. So, the ability to have advanced ways to copy from Penpot, would be very much appreciated by the community, and another reason to use Penpot. Also, copying/pasting properties would be very useful to quickly apply styles on elements.

Hope you guys consider it, :pray:. Thanks!

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