Struggling with scrolling layout

I’m trying to achieve my first interactive wireframe using Penpot.
The basic stuff is done.

But now I’m trying to make a fixed header (done), a Call to action button fixed at the bottom right (done) and a scrollable list in the center (can’t make it work).

I don’t see any tool or command to make this element scrollable.
The fact that list is higher that the board doesn’t seem to work either.

Can you help?


Hi @Valdemar_Pereira_de thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Scroll should happen automatically. I’ve tested and confirmed that it is a bug. You can track it here.

We will fix it as soon as we can. Thank you for notice.


Thanks for the reply.
And also for the tracking link.

Looking forward to check it when it’s solved.

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I have encountered the same problem. Unfortunately, I saw that the ticket was postponed. For me this is an important feature in prototype development and would be happy if the bug would be fixed soon.

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Any idea when this issue might get addressed? It looks like its been postponed for a while now

Hi guys, any progress on this? It’s quite a critical bug if we consider building of complex interactions… It affects me on 70% of my projects right now.

It looks like the issue was closed and posponed. :man_shrugging::slightly_frowning_face:

Well, this makes Penpot a bit unreliable for nested scrolling interactions, then.

They gotta fix this asap. It’s basic, but so useful that is a shame that is buggy right now.

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Hi. just moved here from Figma.
Great to have FREE alternative!!!
but without scrolling… can not make 90% of any app mockups.
i would like also to have some video display from youtube, but that can wait :slight_smile:
SCROLL AREA is a must… vertical, horizontal , both. like figma. in inner frames.
When you think we will have something like that?

I’m asking my team to start using PenPot seriously for UI design. Looks like we will very likely run into this as a limitation.

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