Better UX for input field,text, and board

Hi, Penpot community! I’m a graphic designer. I’m new to UI design and trying out Penpot.

While using Penpot, I noticed some small missing features that will improve UX for me and for other users maybe.

  1. Input fields: Users should be able to drag input fields to change their values.
  2. When you change the height of the board by dragging it down, the viewport does not scroll down when you resize the height of the board.
  3. Duplicating text: For example, I have the text “Text1”. On the layers panel, it’s named “Text1”, and that’s correct, but when “Text1” is duplicated and changed to “Text2”, the layer name stays “Text1”. My suggestion is that I think it would be better if a text is duplicated and changed; its layer name should change based on whatever is written on that text, unless you rename it.

Thank you for making Penpot!

Hello @Jap, the 1st point we already have something on Penpot, which is the scroll of the mouse. If you scroll while the value is selected it will raise/reduce the value, pretty much the same as dragging, but easier and more comfortable (for me, at least).

The second point needs something we still do not have which is somewhere to set the page’s viewport default size. It has been suggested already but maybe this will not be done for a while.

The third point of your list I just totally agree. Layers should be automatically renamed when duplicated.

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Hi @RenanMayrinckDesign. For the 1st one I did not know Penpot can do that, thanks!. I agree it’s easy to just use the scroll wheel to increase/decrease values.


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