Naming of Text-Layers & Performance with Images

Naming of Textlayers
With the 1.19 Release you implemented the default naming of text layers [Taiga #2836]

This works great if you create a new Text-Layer. But if you change the Text-Content after the Layer is created or duplicate a Text-Layer and then change the Text, the Layer-Name doesnt change. Duplicating already styled Text-Layers and change the content is oftentimes the default method while working on a UI-Design. I rarely use the Text-Tool to create a new Textlayer. With the new Feature I still have a lot of Text-Layers with the same Name. Just not “Text”

The feature would be more useful if it would work like in Figma, where the Text-Layer-Name is changing, everytime the Text is edited. This way its much easier to find the correct Text-Layer in the Layers Panel.

Performance with images:
I try to use Penpot for professional UI Work. My biggest problem is still the performance while using Images in a Design in Penpot. It really fast starts to get sluggish while working on a Website Design, after any kind of image is placed. Panning, Zooming, moving & editing Elements in the Layout etc. starts to get slow & lagging, even if the Project is not that large. (Regardless which Browser or Mac/Win) - Thats my main problem, when I rely on Penpot and need to work fast in Projects.

I hope you can perspectively increase the performance or the way images affect it. I want to use Penpot, not Figma :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your great work

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+1 for Naming of Text layers, the current behavior is really annoying.

To be a bit more precise, the text-layer name should use the text content by default, be automatically updated if text content is changed, we should be able to rename it if needed, it should keep its specific name when duplicated, and it should come back to text content when the layer name is deleted.

Being able to bulk rename layers would also be very useful :+1:

Keep up the good work folks!

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