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How is your experience with Penpot?
What challenges are you trying to solve?
What are your main concerns or questions about Penpot?

This category is the place to have open-ended conversations, and follow along on decisions affecting the project. Tell us your problems and let’s find a solution together!


I’d like to contribute to Penpot.

I’m a web developer, product designer and system admin. UI design is more of a hobby to me and I come from a Figma and AdobeXD background.

I’d like to contribute to Penpot through technical/content writing, templates and general product support.

I believe Penpot has an awesome future ahead but we can get there faster by taking actions that inspire existing users and attract prospective users too.

With these few words of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince you that I wanna join the team.

I’ll start by working on some designs on Penpot and sharing them with the community.

What do you thin?

I have a suggestion on how to improve this penpot community forum –

there’s too much whitespace! Please compress it a little. Discourse’s typical stock forum is usually very compact, and that’s nice. Finding a good balance between form and function is one of the chief responsibilities of designers, so it’s doubly important that Penpot make good decisions for its community forum. :slight_smile: