Penpot app integration

Hello Penpot Team!

I’m reaching out with keen interest in integrating the Penpot app with other applications. I’ve cloned the repo and started the app in dev enviorment but given my lack of experience in Clojure and ClojureScript, coupled with the complexity of the architecture upon initial review, I find myself faced with uncertainties regarding whether my proposed ideas or questions can be implemented.

I’m reaching out to inquire if someone from the team could offer assistance in providing estimates or insights to address these initial challenges. My intention is to decouple the frontend and incorporate my custom backend for user authentication, sketch saving exports, imports, etc…

  • How tightly integrated are the various services within Penpot?
  • Is it possible to leverage the frontend alongside my custom API?
  • What would be the anticipated scope of work for this proposed task?

Any form of guidance or assistance you could provide would be immensely valuable and greatly appreciated.

Best regards,