[LIVE STREAM] How to develop design in Penpot with Eva

Last month, @Eva_Marco went on live to explain how a frontender works with Penpot. Eva showed us an example of what she does on a daily basis: developing Penpot designs on Clojure. Watch the video! How to develop design in Penpot - YouTube

How do you find Penpot as a frontender? Does it work for you? Did you watch Eva’s video and learned something new you didn’t know?


The stream shows a small part of what my day-to-day life is like while I work developing penpot. My main goal is to encourage other developers to participate in the project with small code contributions.
At first, Clojure seems too difficult and if we get into “the guts” it can become very complex, but there are parts that are much more accessible.
The menus, the interface, or create a button is something within anyone’s reach and that’s what my stream is all about.
So if you feel like collaborating with some code, this video can be the first step to doing it.

What would you like to talk about in our next video?