Reactjs code on github

Hey guys,

Can anyone help me in understanding where do I get the reactjs code of penpot, I saw the architecture and it mentions Reactjs on top of clojurescript but not able to find the code. Can anyone help me for the same ?

A newbie to penpot community

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Sorry, there is no “visible” js code. Penpot is coded in Clojurescript, a language that is “transpiled” into javascript. This means that the Clojurescript compiler generates a bundle of javascript code to be executed in the browser. But this code is minified and compacted, not really suitable for being read by persons.

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If you look for an example of how the react code in Penpot looks like, have, for example, a look at this component


Hello @vatron
If you want to see how we manage a very simple React component in Clojure you can watch my live How to develop design in Penpot - YouTube
Hope you like it¡¡


Hi guys this is exactly what I wanted @Eva_Marco and @jdittrich , really looking forward to more tutorials and walkthrough like this. Since exploring penpot in depth be ready for helping me out in more doubts :smile:

Request you to make more such videos and demo codes for better community acceptance of penpot and clojure among developers.


I’m glad you like it. I’m sure will make more of those. You can ask whatever you need we will be happy to answer.