How to help?How to help?

I’m a student and have start to learn JS,html scc and UX design. I have finished my first year. What I want is to help in the project at first on low level because of my not so god skills in programming. How and what can I do to help?

Hi @hindrik_ounpuu Congrats on your first year! Javascript, html, css and UX design are no small feat! Your offer to help is much appreciated and we continue to see more and more people contributing in any way they can.

Penpot, however, is currently not ideally suited for newcomers to frontend development. We’re using Clojure and Clojurescript (you probably alread read this article: Penpot chose Clojure as its language and here’s why) so you would need to be somewhat familiar with that technology.

The contributing guide is here: Contributing

You will see that there are many ways to contribute:

  • Bug reports
  • core code contributions (the toughest)
  • Translations (easy and immediately valuable for users)
  • Libraries and templates (designs that people can use right away, they don’t include code, just amazing content)

You could dive into the code (just fork it on Github) and try to perform small changes to experiment a bit. You might want to apply your knowledge in UX to change some behaviour or interaction, perhaps. Just beware that Penpot is relatively complex to master in terms of code as it belongs to a niche of software tools that require complex solutions for complex problems.

What is what you were thinking of in terms of contributions? Perhaps, I’ll be able to help you better if I know what is what you sought.