Video on Penpot's roadmap + commentary on recent 1.19 release

Hi there!
At Penpot Fest we truly enjoyed an open session about Penpot’s immediate roadmap. We shared some of our core ideas for the short and mid terms and asked for feedback from the community. We got a ton of positive energy and insightful comments but this session was not live-streamed or recorded so we decided to bring you a 12-min “digest” version of it!

There’s even a bonus at the end of the video! Andy also comments on the recent Penpot 1.19 release that came with a number of interesting features (for a text-based changelog read this other community post) of which my personal favourite is the introduction of Access Tokens (aka API). We can’t wait to see what the community wants to build around Penpot and third-party integrations! We’ll soon be sharing some real-world examples that could also help as nice project templates.