[Penpot Fest] Join the Conversation: Shaping the Future of Penpot, Together!

It’s almost time for Penpot Fest, our event of the year, and we can barely contain our excitement! @myfunnyandy , our in-house Product Owner & Designer, and I, can’t wait to sit down and have a meaningful chat with you all.

Our open session is going to be all about YOU! We believe in the magic that’s created when we collaborate, and who better to help us improve Penpot than our community?

During this time, we’ll be brainstorming on three key topics:

  1. Our Dream for Penpot: What do you think Penpot, as an Open Source design tool, should aim to achieve? What’s the grand vision that would have you jumping out of your seats in excitement? The sky’s the limit here, folks!
  2. Opportunities for Penpot: What are the challenges you face, or the wishes you have, that an Open Source design tool like Penpot could fulfill? Whether it’s about community, processes, technology, or anything else.
  3. Building and Growing Together: What should we be building into Penpot, and what initiatives do you think would bring our community even closer?

But hey, why wait for the session? Let’s kick-start the conversation now! Feel free to comment on this post with your thoughts.

We are incredibly passionate about making Penpot the best it can be, but we can’t do it without you. Whether you’re a designer, developer, product owner, project manager, or enthusiastic user, we value your perspective and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Join us, share your thoughts, be a part of the Penpot’s future.

See you at Penpot Fest!


Is there a livestream or will there be any recordings later?

This section will not be record