Watch the REPLAY of Penpot official launch and get your questions answered

Our official launch live stream was an absolute success filled with lots of kudos to the Penpot team! We got lots of comments about how Penpot is becoming a game changer and loads of hype from everyone! Flex layout was the big star of the evening but there was plenty of other cool stuff to reveal. If you missed it, you should watch it now then!

Watch the replay!

There were many questions on the chat. Some of them couldn’t be answered during the live stream but we’re happy to do it here. I recommend you to watch the video in case your question might have been answered live by the team or to search within the Community posts because many queries are FAQs that have been replied before. Otherwise, feel free to throw your question here or anywhere in this Community space.

I’ve collated some of the questions from the live chat and given you the answers:

  • Will there be component variants? This was answered by the team but it got raised a few times on the live stream, so it might be useful for others. The team is working on their own approach to the interactive components management and they’ll look into it soon. Further info here.

  • CSS Grid? Coming soon!

  • I love the wrapping feature. Can we add borders on layouts like creating table? You might want to suggest it in our feature request section.

  • How do updates work on self hosted? All you need to know is here.

  • When can we expect the plug-in system? Another feature we have in the stage of research is a system for plugins. We understand that plugins are key to empower the community to contribute to Penpot, adding capabilities that the team can’t even imagine. This was answered here. Are you new to the Penpot community? That's how you can get started!

  • Are there plans for an official flatpak or AppImage for Linux? You can find your answer here under Desktop app section or under the self-host section on our website.

  • Plugin system? All you need to know is here.


Can’t wait for grid! I’m so excited to start using Penpot :slight_smile:


We’re excited you’re excited! :star_struck: