Toolbar is dissapearing after certain interactions

Hi there guys, I’m testing Penpot 2.0 right now and just found this very annoying bug.

whenever I select the “path tool”, another panel shows up, but if I ever try to bring back the previous panel and then close it, it will never open again, unless I decide to reload the page. This do not disable keyboard shortcuts but makes switching tools a lot harder, because I can’t see which one I chose from.

I think this approach of floating panels was great but maybe we still need a way to make the tools panel have a fixed position around outside, instead of overlaying the canvas. This could just be a setting we users can decide to use, maybe.


Hi @RenanMayrinckDesign,

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve opened an issue on Taiga so that we can look into this, you can find the details here.

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Thanks! Hope this get fixed soon.

This issue is now fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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