How to exit zoom selection

Disclaimer: Coder attempting design

I am not finding it intuitive to exit the zoom tool and return back to the general selection tool. The shortcuts say it’s v, but this is not working for me.

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Hey Connor, thanks for your message.

This might be a bug but I need more information to establish that. How are you accesssing the zoom tool? Also, what OS and browser are you using?


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Hey Ester,
it really seems to be a bug. I am experiencing this as well and it is very frustrating as I can’t exit out.
I didn’t activate it intentionally. Not sure if there is a shortcut. When selecting the Select tool or any other tools, it doesn’t change to this specific tool.
I am using the Arc Browser (Chromium) and MacOS 13.5

I hope that helps finding and solving the bug.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly this Taiga bug that fixes it, but let me know if that matches the problem you’re experiencing. If that’s the case, then it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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This could very probably be my experienced bug. Thanks for the letting me know!