Path tool do not retain Snap Nodes setting (A Bug?)

Well, I don’t know exactly where to post a bug around here so I will add this one here (maybe a category for that would be nice). Whenever you use the path tool and add the Snap Nodes op (the one to the right of the top bar), if you go to another tool and come back, this setting will reset.

Maybe this is a bug, or just how it works but, would be nice to be able to retain that somehow.


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I created an issue on github, which is the usual way to file bugs

Usually, some people from the team will also read the issues here and sometimes pull them into taiga (team-internal tracker), but github is easier to organize, as it is focussed on issue tracking vs. being a general purpose forum.

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Got it. Next time I will create an issue there instead. Thank you!

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