How make an interface "scrollable"

Hi penpot’s community,

i’ve a fixed Navbar on the top and a fixed Footer on the bottom and in the middle a long ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text like this : (sorry as a new user i can only add one media per post)

But i can’t figured out how to reproduce the scroll effect in the view mode that is show in the prototyping docs >> this one (sorry for the broken link as a new user i can only add two links per post):

Somebody know how to do that ?

here is the prototype link Penpot - Design Freedom for Teams

Thank’s for your help

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Hi @Jee Thank you for your report :slight_smile:

You probably need to give more height to the layer that contains the text you want to scroll.

In case of being a Board, make sure you choose the measurements of the device for which you want to make the prototype and check the “Clip content” option.