How to prototype a smartphone app screen as "scrollable"?

Hi everyone!
This is my first post in the PenPot Community, so excuse me if there is something wrong with the post or with rules of the community. If so, tell me please and I will fix the post. I am also relatively new in the world of design and screens and I am not designer, I am programmer, but I am trying to use these kind of tools to improve my work and the projects in which I work.

I am designing and prototyping an application for smartphones, specifically for Android devices, and everything goes really nice. PenPot is a really awesome tool and I am very happy with it. Thank you to all the team! However, I am having problems when I tried to prototype a screen as “scrollable”, I mean to scroll the screen when there is more content below the visible one.

I found some similar issues/posts to mine but I have not clear if this is fixed or if it is even possible to do it in some way:

  • Can I make content in my designs scrollable
  • How make an interface “scrollable”
  • Struggling with scrolling layout

Note: excuse me to just put the titles of the posts, but as new user I can’t share more than two links in a post.

I saw there is a bug reported and an ongoing working on it, but I don’t know if it is related with the “scrollable” screens or with the “scrollable” screens with fixed items.

My idea is to achieve something like the example in the prototyping section of the user guide, but I am not worried about the fixed items, at this moment I am just interested in scrolling.

Does exist any example design/prototype I could check to know how to make it?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @ivanhercaz , i can see this is a feature that is in Penpot backlog:

Maybe this how to design an app tutorial can help you:

And here are some templates for app:

I hope this help!

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Hi @carolina.portugal! Thank you for the link, I hope the feature will be up soon because it is really useful.

I already see this tutorial but doesn’t mention nothing about scrolling.

And in both cases doesn’t uses scrolling, even in the songs list of the music app. But I will check both to learn more.

Thank you for your answer!