Reuse uploaded photos - Media Library?

I’ve been designing with 2.0 since the release and I’m enjoying it a lot.

During my designing, I keep finding myself uploading the same image over and over again because I use the “chose image” button:

I’m thinking this is wasteful and can’t be good for your server resources.
What I would like is for a way to select an image I already uploaded as a fill for another shape instead of re-uploading it.

A Media Library perhaps?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

Hello @hza

We had this a little while back, right before Penpot 2.0 release. Now, to do that, just transform your image into an component and you will be able to reuse the image as many times as you want without reuploading it.

You can also name it like Graphics / “name of the image here” before transforming into an component, so it will be automatically organized inside a group called “Graphics”, making it easier to find among all your other components :slight_smile: