Github like collaboration for design files & libraries

Hi. We’re trying to set up a workflow where we have a library file and a screens file, and make those accessible to an open group of contributors. And of course, we will iterate and have versions of both.

The library file has icons, text styles, components, etc. The screens file uses these elements to construct the application screens.

So let’s say I want to duplicate both files, and have the new main screens link to the components in the new library file. From my testing it is not possible, but maybe there’s a trick?

Larger goal is to have a Github like workflow where 1-2 maintainers keep the main files organized and clean and merge in changes submitted by other contributors. Those other contributors naturally need a way to get their own copies of the main files, so they can do their work. Question is just how we can fit this workflow inside the feature set Penpot currently offers.