Can i upload images into penpot

new to penpot and wondering how to get started - want to create a prototype of a website - and discuss this with others -

approach: can i upload a image to penpot dashboard!?

is this possible?

Don’t know if I understood that correctly, but you can easily import any image into project. Inside, or outside of an artboard. Even svg’s (but their structure might be a little too nested in layers panel).

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hello dear Losio,
many thanks for the input - for the reply - awesome. i try to figure out how i can do that!?

i love to hear from you again!

which method - which way?

many thanks in advance.

You can directly drag and drop image onto workspace (artboard, or outside of it)
You can also click on the image icon (left thin panel where other main tools are [cursor, shapes, text, lines .etc]).
And I think Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V should also do the trick… but I’m not sure.

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hi there . many thanks - i will try it out.

i guess that the following should do it:

Penpot is an open-source design and prototyping platform, and it doesn’t currently have native support for adding images directly into the platform. However, you can still incorporate images into your design projects in Penpot by following these general steps:

  1. Prepare your image: Make sure the image you want to add is saved in a compatible file format like JPEG, PNG, or SVG. You may also want to resize or optimize the image beforehand to ensure it fits well within your design.
  2. Host the image: Upload your image to an image hosting service or your own server. This step is necessary as Penpot doesn’t provide image hosting.
  3. Insert the image: In Penpot, you can use the image component or shape tools to create a placeholder for your image. Resize and position the component or shape as desired.
  4. Add the image URL: In the properties or settings of the image component or shape, locate the option to provide the image source or URL. Paste the URL of the hosted image into this field.
  5. Apply the changes: Save the settings or apply the changes, and the image should appear within your design canvas in Penpot.

well - can any body give some examples - of how to do that!?

it is for me somewhat not very clear how to do all that things?