Upload and replace current images

Hello, can I use replacing an image with another one that is already in the project? I’m looking for the “Replace Image” button in the menu, but I don’t see it. Does such an option already exist? If there is no such solution, think about it … it is very helpful. It would be good if the new replaced image kept its proportions.



Unfortunately Penpot does not have this option yet, but this is something that we definitely want to do. The thing is that currently the images at Penpot are the images themselves, but once we change them to be containers with the images as backgrounds tons of posibilities will open, like the one you asked for or resizing options.

This is from one of our actual desings in which we are working these ideas


Thank you very much for your answer. I look forward to seeing new updates. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue too.
Here is my workaround:
Before adjusting your IMAGE. You have to wrap that image into a group.
Then do everything in the wrapper group.

So, in the future, you can easily copy and put another image inside that group and then hide or delete the old image.

If you guys have any better workaround, please share.