Release 1.9.0 Alpha - Careful, With that Axe, Eugene

:boom: Breaking changes

  • Some stroke-caps can change behaviour.
  • Text display bug fix could potentialy make some texts jump a line.

:sparkles: New Features

  • Add boolean shapes: intersections, unions, difference and exclusions Taiga #748.
  • Add advanced prototyping Taiga #244.
  • Add multiple flows Taiga #2091.
  • Change order of the teams menu so it’s in the joined time order.
  • Adds progress report to importing process.


:bug: Bugs fixed

  • Enhance duplicating prototype connections behaviour Taiga #2093.
  • Fix color and typographies refs lost when duplicated file Taiga #2165.
  • Fix problem with overflow dropdown on stroke-cap #1216.
  • Fix menu context for single element nested in components #1186.
  • Fix error screen when operations over comments fail #1219.
  • Fix undo problem when changing typography/color from library #1230.
  • Fix problem with text margin while rendering #1231.
  • Fix problem with masked texts on exporting Taiga #2116.
  • Fix text editor enter behaviour with centered texts Taiga #2126.
  • Fix residual stroke on imported svg Taiga #2125.
  • Add links for terms of service and privacy policy in register checkbox Taiga #2020.
  • Allow three character hex and web colors in color picker hex input #1184.
  • Allow lowercase search for fonts #1180.
  • Fix group renaming problem Taiga #1969.
  • Fix export group with shadows on children Taiga #2036.
  • Fix zoom context menu in viewer Taiga #2041.
  • Fix stroke caps adjustments in relation with stroke size Taiga #2123.
  • Fix problem duplicating paths Taiga #2147.
  • Fix problem inheriting attributes from SVG root when importing Taiga #2124.
  • Fix problem with lines and inside/outside stroke Taiga #2146.
  • Add stroke width in selection calculation Taiga #2146.
  • Fix shift+wheel to horizontal scrolling in MacOS #1217.
  • Fix path stroke is not working properly with high thickness Taiga #2154.
  • Fix bug with transformation operations Taiga #2155.
  • Fix bug in firefox when a text box is inside a mask Taiga #2152.
  • Fix problem importing components Taiga #2151.
  • Fix problem with masking images in viewer #1238.
  • Fix project renaming issue (and some other related to the same underlying bug).
  • Fix internal exception on audit log persistence layer.
  • Set proper environment variable on docker images for chrome executable.
  • Fix internal metrics on websocket connections.