New release! 1.10.0 Beta - Breaking the habit

:boom: Breaking changes

  • The initial project / data mechanism (not documented) has been disabled. Is the mechanism used for creating initial project on user signup. With the new onboarding approach, this subsystem is no longer needed and is disabled.

:sparkles: New Features

  • Enhance corner radius behavior Taiga #2190.
  • Allow preserve scroll position in interactions Taiga task #1998.
  • Add new onboarding modals.

:bug: Bugs fixed

  • Fix problem with exporting before the document is saved Taiga #2189.
  • Fix undo stacking when changing color from color-picker Taiga #2191.
  • Fix pages dropdown in viewer Taiga #2087.
  • Fix problem when exporting texts with gradients or opacity Taiga #2200.
  • Fix problem with view mode comments Taiga #2226.
  • Disallow to create a component when already has one Taiga #2237.
  • Add ellipsis in long labels for input fields Taiga #2224
  • Fix problem with text rendering on export Taiga #2223
  • Fix problem when flattening booleans losing styles Taiga #2217
  • Add shortcuts to boolean icons popups Taiga #2220
  • Fix a worker error when transforming a rectangle into path.
  • Fix max/min values for opacity fields Taiga #2183
  • Fix viewer comment position when zoom applied Taiga #2240
  • Remove change style on hover for options Taiga #2172
  • Fix problem in viewer with dropdowns when comments active #1303
  • Add placeholder to create shareable link
  • Fix project files count not refreshing correctly after import Taiga #2216
  • Remove button after import process finish Taiga #2215


:heart: Community contributions by (Thank you!)

  • To the translation community for the hard work on making penpot available on so many languages.
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