Feature Request: Component States (default, hover, other)

Please incorporate “Component States” into your future updates. It is very important for basic or advanced prototyping. A very necessary feature for today’s UI/UX design.

Best regards…!


Hello @KwesiArter, we are working on a complete rework of our components, you will see some changes in the upcoming releases.


Hi @Eva_Marco , thank you for the response. Yay, I’ll be “two notches up” happy to see it implemented and crossed it off the list of things holding me back from making the complete move to PenPot.

Thanks for all that your team is doing for the community :slight_smile:


Just wanted to echo my own interest in this feature. I’ve brought it up before on github but just wrote a forum post on the subject here too: Please add variants/states for components!

It’s also worth separating out “states”/“variants” as opposed to microinteractions like hover.


Found some more places where this discussion has taken place. Copying links here to help bring this stuff together:

Taiga roadmap:

Github discussions feature requests:

Also worth noting that the Taiga story has been closed and archived… would be good to have some clarity on that.

Also worth noting: Penpot should probably rethink their messaging strategy a little. There are currently 3 different places users can post feature requests, github issues, github discussions, and this forum. I think all 3 are fine but it makes it a little confusing to know where to go for this stuff, and I can’t help but think this probably means that a lot of stuff slips through the cracks.

Hello @jcklpe:
Thanks for your effort in putting everything together. The User story that you show on our Taiga roadmap is part of an EPIC user story, on this one you can see that we have divided the work of components into several steps.
We are working right now on this part of the app, but the changes are huge. You will see some of them soon.

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Thank you that’s helpful. Unfortunately it’s also not publicly viewable.

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Ohh I’m sorry @jcklpe, I thought it was open. But the info in that EPIC is what I told you.


Great idea @jcklpe :+1:t6:
Better options, the merrier for us all.