Quick comment & short video recap from OSCA Festival in Lagos, Nigeria!

@myfunnyandy and I attended this year’s OSCA Festival organized by OSCA, of course. It was a thrilling experience packed with emotions and learnings!

Penpot was a proud Silver sponsor this year but we also had need the attend and meet many of the most active open source enthusiasts in West Africa. When you’re building a truly global design & prototyping tool, you must ensure you keep listening to everyone that can help you avoid stupid mistakes that otherwise would eventually drag you to a dead end.

Andy and I are serious people

2000 attendees!

I enjoyed giving a talk on recently released Penpot’s Flex Layout but even more having the chance to moderate a panel titled “Africa shows Penpot the way for a truly successful design & prototyping tool”.

During the panel. I was talking so many notes!

Kudos to the organizers for such a great event, I strongly believe that Penpot has a bright future in Africa, which is absolutely vital for us!

Here’s a the fun video!