Save the Date for Penpot Fest 2024!

Hey! We’ve got great news… Penpot Fest is back! :partying_face:

Mark your calendars because the 2nd edition of this fantastic Design Event is coming your way! Barcelona, 5-7th June.

You can expect a diverse program on Design <> Code & Open Source, a welcome party, hands-on workshops, and plenty of time for networking. There will also be time for other fun activities and delicious local gastronomy in the sunny (hopefully) and welcoming Barcelona.

We can’t wait to share all the details with you, but for now, make sure you save the date and get ready for an incredible experience!

Let’s meet at Penpot Fest! :star_struck:


I just received an email about a full refund (that I didn’t initiate). I’m also no longer seeing tickets for sale on eventbrite. Is this a bug or something else? I have my trip already booked and I am very excited about it! Please don’t tell me it was canceled :cry:

Hi Damian,

Unfortunately, you are right: Penpot Fest has just been canceled.

The refund should not have been sent to you alone but should have been accompanied by a note. However, due to a platform issue, it arrived without the most important thing: the explanation. (You should have received an email by now with instructions).

We were sure about Penpot 2.0 impact, but what is happening is exceeding our expectations. We’ve always believed in having focus, even if it sometimes comes with sacrifices, so we made the decision to fully support Penpot 2.0 release (tutorials, online courses, migration from other tools, etc). We’ve had to postpone our June Penpot Fest plans to ensure it shines when it finally takes place.

We were also very excited about this edition but we had to make a decision.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and really appreciate your support.


PS. We’ll be of course reimbursing travel expenses, as detailed in the email.

Wow! That’s so sad. I’m kinda speechless.

I haven’t received the email you alluded to yet.


I agree, this is disappointing. I was really looking forward to the 2024 Penpot Fest. Let’s hope it will be rescheduled later this year!

It seems that the Penpot team has been under a lot of pressure lately. I hope the team is fine.

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You should have the information by now. Thanks Adam!

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Thank you, Theodore.

It’s been a difficult decision for us, but one we felt was necessary. Penpot 2.0 deserves its own spotlight, and Penpot Fest requires our full dedication to ensure it lives up to the excellence of the first edition.

We’ll be giving more details about this decision as soon as possible.