Penpot Fest 2023, Barcelona June 28-30, our plans for a wonderful community event

[UPDATE!!!] Registration is open! Go straight to and secure your early bird ticket!

TL;DR We’re announcing Penpot Fest 2023 happening in Barcelona (Spain) on June 28-30! Save the date!

After our official launch back in Jan 31st with industry-first Flex Layout feature, we have continued to build a solid open source design & prototyping tool. Not even 2 weeks ago, we released Penpot 1.18, with great improvements on Flex Layout (z-index, absolute positioning, spacing management) plus the “magical K” for automatic scaling content.

The design & prototyping industry is moving superfast and we strongly believe that open source and true collaboration between designers and developers are what will provide us with an optimistic future in terms of really owning our design tech stack.

It’s two years now since we published our alpha and we think it’d be wonderful to get a taste of what the Penpot community can build together. Distributed innovation is amazing but being able to meet in person and discuss what lies ahead is also quite transformative for any open source project.

Click to see the teaser!

That’s why we’re announcing Penpot Fest 2023 happening in Barcelona (Spain) on June 28-30! This will be a truly open and welcoming event for anyone to attend. We’re working hard on a great speakers line-up as well as workshops and pure fun stuff. It’s summer in Barcelona, it doesn’t get much better than that!

It being our first Penpot Fest we want to make it superspecial for attendees and yet we will have a relatively low capacity limit so make sure to follow our communications to secure yourself a ticket. Important note: We’ve been able to secure some budget to make sure underrepresented communities and people with lesser financial means are able to attend Penpot Fest and enjoy the whole agenda.

This is what you need to know for now. Penpot Fest will be a massive milestone in our community building path. You will learn from the best, participate in workshops/hackathons, meet the entire Penpot team and get to enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona (we’ll even have a welcoming rooftop party!)

This is the actual place! (picture credits to be shared soon after a short contest takes place)

Finally, an important message for any open source project or community that considers design to be strategic. You’ll be our guest of honour! You are more than welcome to celebrate your design summit at Penpot Fest. We’ll make sure you get dedicated time & space, live streaming, food and drinks and everything you need to make the most out of your time together. The only thing we ask you is that you tell us your plans as soon as you’ve made up your mind so we can count you in (for bow you can contact me directly at or DM here).

We’ll keep you posted through our newsletters, social media channels and this community space!


I’m super excited to share that registration process will start next week where we’ll be sharing a ton of information of speakers, the venue and some of the cool stuff happening at Penpot Fest!
Please make sure to check for our announcements during the next few days!