Penpot Fest Starts Tomorrow! 😀

The future of Design decisions; Grid Layout special announcement and demo; Fedora and Podman Desktop…

We’re so ready for tomorrow: Penpot Fest is kicking off! (09:20 AM - CEST)

Watch on Peertube or Watch on Youtube

To ensure that you catch all the sessions featuring your favorite speakers, make sure you check out the agenda.

Oh, and feel free to hop into the live chats, ask questions, and join the social media buzz using the hashtag #penpotfest.

Grab some snacks and let’s rock Penpot Fest together!


We wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who participated, shared and watched Penpot Fest!

Those who missed out, you can still watch all the videos on Peertube and Youtube.

One of our goals was to bring designers, developers and open source advocates together, and… it went above and beyond our expectations!

The event was an occasion for Penpot’s Grid Layout world premiere and for making key announcements such as our partnership with Tokens Studio or the 5 open source AI challenges.

We totally made the most of everything that went down, both on stage and during the chill moments of the event.

Viva Penpot Fest :raised_hands:!