Grid Layout and Tokens Studio partnership announced at Penpot Fest!

Today we kicked off our inaugural Penpot Fest, an event that brings together developers and designers to discuss the future of product development.

We decided to host Penpot Fest because we needed a space where both designers and developers could work together on the shared struggles that keep them from getting to a completely new level in software development.

Penpot turned out to be a perfect host since our own product was conceived and built both by designers and developers. That’s our secret sauce!

In fact, when we surveyed 30,000 Penpot users last year we found the split between designers and developers was nearly identical: 35 percent identified as designers and 34 percent as developers!

So, yeah, we couldn’t think of a better time to share some exciting news for Penpot than… Penpot Fest!

Penpot Fest Welcome party!

Ready for some cool news?

We have been extremely busy since we exited beta back in February, perhaps as busy as you folks onboarding Penpot whether on SaaS, Desktop or self-hosted instances.

And we’re excited to finally share with you some major updates on what we’ve been working on.

On top of our recent “400K strong” blog post, today we’re making two very important announcements. One is related to Penpot as a product and the other one is related to Penpot as a project!

Grid Layout is coming!

Since 2017, developers have been enjoying the power of CSS Grid layout. If CSS Flex brought them one wrappable dimension, Grid came with a revamped 2-dimensional layout. The combined Flex and Grid CSS capabilities have been native to frontend developers for some years now. Unfortunately, designers had to deal with old-school proprietary layout systems that would only exacerbate the design-to-code lost-in-translation drama that plagues software building these days.

The Penpot team unveiled today our upcoming Grid Layout feature, which is already accessible through our git repo and the open beta found at (not at all production ready!). We will soon be reaching out to you, our amazing community, for the early access feedback stage. We can’t wait to see what you think could make Grid Layout even more exciting!

Grids everywhere!

For many actors in the industry as well as many designers and developers, this was an unexpected move by Penpot.

Penpot’s Grid Layout World Premiere! Clara and Alonso SHOW and not tell!

However, it just felt a natural next step for us! Now designers and developers will share a common language, one based on open standards delivered by an open source design & prototyping tool.

Tokens Studio partnership!

We asked ourselves, what if we dreamed really big about the future of design systems and the huge role they’re destined to play in unlocking AI? We’re thrilled to announce we’re partnering with the world class Tokens Studio team to bring a truly scalable design tokens architecture to Penpot.

The future!

Not only will Tokens Studio bring design tokens to Penpot in a native integration (more on that coming soon!), but we are also working together on an AI engine that will unlock AI for design systems in powerful new ways.

live from stage! Marco, Pablo and Jan!

I wanted to share some words from Tokens Studio co-creator Jan Six that share our excitement about this partnership:

Tokens Studio and Penpot are open source at its core. We’re both committed to ensuring users are completely in control, so we’re thrilled to partner and bring true design tokens with bidirectional sync from your storage providers to Penpot in a native integration. And that’s just the start - we’re also working towards a design knowledge graph that is based on your product, brand, and team, and bringing constraint based design with this design knowledge graph to users by leveraging AI.”

Other announcements!

But there’s more! During Penpot Fest we’ll also be unveiling Components v2, the new revamped UI, the upcoming Desktop offline mode and 5 open AI challenges for the Community! Stay tuned!

I’ll say this again! We’re so grateful to our community of incredible designers, developers and open source advocates!


This is so amazing! Truly brings happy tears to my eyes.

But in my opinion, the most pressing issue that should really be taken seriously and solved is what Martin Owens from the Inkscape project talked about. Open source projects like PenPot, Inkscape, Blender, Krita should really take what he said seriously, form a working group and solve that issue once and for all. The common editable SVG format was an issue for as far back as I can remember, basically for my entire life.

The compatibility between Inkscape and PenPot should be 100%, what I see in Inkscape I should see in PenPot and vice versa. But as of yet, there is always some issue and 9 out of 10 times importing Inkscape files or copy pasting an SVG element/s from Inkscape to PenPot results in PenPot crashing.

This is a core issue that makes the work very hard but I’m willing to put up with it because what you’re doing is important. I just hope the foundational workflow is made frictionless before expanding into AI and other cool but non critical developments.

TL/DR: Please solve the common editable SVG format issue first. It’ll unlock all the potential of FOSS graphics workflow and pipeline.


Congrats I followed with amazement from afar. A lot of great stuff, but this colaboration is probably the highlight of the entire event. A very smart strategic move for Penpot, and promising a lot in terms where the industry is moving right now.

CSS Grid is very cool but this kinda blew me away. :slight_smile:


It’s very nice to hear this type of feedback. Moves like this often confuse people but we managed to 1) do the right thing and 2) get people excited!

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Congratulations to all of you at Penpot and thank you for your work. I love using Penpot since I started a few weeks ago and I love your commitment to the free and open-source movement. One thing I am always a bit scared of is, that organizations and companies delivering such a great product and ecosystem, still need to make money. Exactly for that I wish you all the best and I hope you find a way to make some bucks out of this.