Penpot Fest 2024: Weekend or Weekdays?

Penpot Fest is still fresh in our minds and yet we’re already preparing the next edition! :star_struck:

Quick question – which would work best for you, weekends or weekdays, to attend Penpot Fest 2024?

:point_right: Vote here for: weekend or weekdays. :point_left:

Thanks for your participation!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Penpot Fest details.


I really wanted to go to the last one but the timing was off for me so I’m buzzing for this next one :heart:


I’ll go whenevs, but the nice thing about going during the week is that I’m skipping work to attend rather than skipping a weekend with the kids. :grinning:


Thanks for your comment and participation, @ryanbreen . We’ll do our best to inform you of the date so you can get your plans in order.

That’s great to know, @Sulcalibur ! We’re hoping you’ll be able to join us this time.

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