Penpot Fest agenda is live!

Today we bring you a massive update on Penpot Fest. We’re excited to share our agenda!

We still have to make some adjustments to make it even better but it’s already looking great! Skim through the content and you’ll see for yourself!

All this with the amazing backdrops of Modernista palace Casa de les Punxes, restored XVI century Convent dels Àngels and a sunset cruise to enjoy Barcelona from the sea.

Early bird tickets are now gone but we have kept affordable prices and various discount options to make sure everyone can attend this wonderful Penpot Fest.

If you can make it to Barcelona June 28-30th, get your tickets now!

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I have created for self use and the community a repository with the agenda.
I like to use giggity to prepare the talks I want to attend to, so I have set up the agenda to be able to use it in giggity.

The QR code is the following:


You can find more information here.

The schedule is also available in iOS and Google Calendar using the following QR code.

iOS and Google Calendar


If you want to add to Google Calendar, the URL is More information here