Improve contrast on the menu's

Hi There,

on my screen it’s really hard to see the tools, and the various menu’s. Could we improve the contrast on the menu’s. I’ve been playing around with the tool a bit and tried to recreate the menu, and change the colors just to get a sense of making penpot better using penpot (very meta).

My sense is that we should get a method to make themes for Penpot. That allows us to create high contrast menu’s.


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Our team have been rethinking our user interface. From accessibility, how to simplify it to new themes. We are planning to create and add the following themes:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Dimmed

You can check the stage it is here: Taiga

Also, explore how to allow users to create and add custom themes. Any thoughts? Join the conversation: Thoughts on Penpot’s User Interface

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I feel that a higher contrast version would be useful. It can be done tastefully. For people like me with a poor screen, or visually impaired individuals higher contrast can be a life saver, but also a quality of life issue.