How long does it take to import a penpot file into an elestio installation?

hi there,

we are a small team of 4 trying to finish a project for monday using penpot. In order to look for better performance to accomplish our last effort, we just took an elestio self-hosted installation. The point is that the import of our .penpot file is lasting forever with the screen “locked?” in the pencil turning around animation. How does it take to import a penpot file normally ? My exported file is 89MB and I just upgraded elestio to 4GB of ram and nothing is changing…

I also tested by importing a zipped file (svg+json) that weights about 260MB and it seems that the import functionality is acting different. There is not only the pencil turning around but i can read the name of the files during the import. Unfortunately, the import was suddenly interrupted and I feel really blocked right now…

Is there somewhere more explanations about import and export process ? Somewhere to learn what is normal and what is a bug ?

Love to you guys, and really appreciate any help

Alert on elestio log : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space (