Very slow text input

Hi, I tried to start using Penpot again today but after a few minutes of typing the lag was so bad (5 seconds) I had to go back to text files and I guess I’ll copy and paste them back into Penpot to lay them up but it’s really disappointing that I can’t do something so basic, it really wrecks the flow. The text field has about 1200 characters.

Also the lack of being able to make bullet points as you’re writing, tabs and line movement makes it very frustrating for getting thoughts down and commenting on designs.

Hello @RieMars, thanks for the feedback. We will look into it. Chrome is the faster and most efficient browser when working with Penpot. If you are using other, consider switching to Chrome.

File size and layers amount affect the performance. Consider dividing your work in more files and more pages to get better performance.

Thanks for the response Carolina,

I was in Firefox and then just tried Chrome which was marginally better but still not snappy enough. It’s hard when you’ve finished typing your sentence and waiting for the app to catch up. Also I only have two text field objects in the file with under 2000 total characters. On a MacBookPro M1 so not a slow machine.

Our team is looking into it! Thanks for the heads-up.

  1. The app is slow and requires a strong internet connection, even with Chrome Browser. I have learned to work slowly to get things done.

  2. It doesn’t always save progress reliably. Sometimes it works perfectly, but other times it seems like nothing happened. I always close and reload the page after each action to make sure it’s saved.

  3. Crashes can cause your work to be lost. My last project crashed when I uploaded fonts at the last minute, and my work was lost forever.

I learned that I need to upload everything beforehand. Despite these issues, it’s a good app, and the team is continuously improving and fixing bugs. Play around with it first, and when you feel comfortable, start a real project. You will love it in no time.ime.