Difficulty importing larger projects to self hosted penpot

Running penpot locally through docker and and I can’t get larger projects to import. The initial file selection works and the continue button turns green, but after clicking i get this console error

logging.cljc:266 ERR [app.worker.import] hint=“unexpected error on import process”, project-id=#uuid “de9bb5e9-741b-8040-8003-638a0a0b53db”

And from this point the ui hangs and the file is never imported.

But smaller .penpot files seem to be fine. I had a few projects that come in at just 10mb or so and they imported no trouble. But our primary projects are large and graphically intense with .penpot file sizes greater than 100mb. I’m trying to move these to a localhost in part for local backup, but also because I suspect that it will be more performant for projects with many artboards and many images.