How Indentation (typesetting) with text is handled

Hi, my first question´s after really to start over with penpot are arriving…

And the first one is about the indentation with text object´s.
We like to use that a lot, and setting this with every line of a textobject is surely not the solution. But I don´t find anything else.

The same goes with bullets and the OL and UL objects within text.

If it looks something like this, it would be really helpfull to describe these objects and reuse it for future updates.

I found nothing inside the doc´s, so I´m here…

Thanks for your help

Just checked if there is some change in Version 2.0…

Is there a chance to get this feature which is really missing in the current version?
And there is really nobody which is missing this elementar typography settings feature???!!!

Hello @Dietmar_Walser!

Now that you’ve mentioned… I’ve never missed such feature because I’m not using Penpot for heavy text processing stuff. I mostly use Penpot for interfaces, so indentation is not an actual problem. would be nice to have but personally I don’t see this as a crucial feature.

But there are other ways you can do that like setting the texts to be boxes and positioning them or just spacing the text where you wanted to have the indentation.

Hi Renan,

I’m getting short of solutions to overcome this problem, especially the one you mention.

Penpot has the possibility to be part of a solution between an idea to a wonderful program where all the tasks are well distributed between the needed jobs.

  • Ideation
  • UX
  • IX
  • Design
  • Structured CMS Building
  • Copywriting
  • programming
  • and many more

If you see everything as a small step from everyone to the final goal, to a continuous improvement that reaches the market, and you kill that flow with your mentioned solution. And I tell you, my programmers and copywriters kill themselves when a finished text is no longer usable with copy & paste, when they take over the work of someone else.

So, there has to be a typsetting solution for this problem, and not a optical illusion which can´t be reproduced
on all the settings with fonts, heigths and distances from all the objects in a flex enviroment.

Im sorry Renan. No short cut please.

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I agree with you, if it’s needed for your team and Penpot devs have time to add this to the tool, why not? I’m totally with you! In my daily use this is not a must right now, but if it is for you I’m totally on your side on supporting the idea.

Maybe @carolina.portugal or someone else from the team could make something on taiga so you can track their progress on this. :slight_smile: