Indentation with text object´s

We need and use text indentation a lot, and setting this with every line of a textobject is surely not the solution. But I don´t find anything else to handle this basic text handling feature.

The same goes with bullets and the OL and UL objects within text.
Are there some plans after the 2.0 release - because its not here…

I´m missing it ;-((

Hi @Dietmar_Walser,

Thank you for the suggestion, we have this already in our backlog but it hasn’t been prioritized yet. You can find the details here.

I’ve linked this post there, as well as your other post regarding this feature, hopefully we’ll be able to prioritize this soon :slight_smile:

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If I may, I would like to upvote this. We deeply appreciate all the hard work and dedication going into Penpot, however as a new user, lacking a few of the basic things found in most other programs is a bit of a drawback and discourages people from fully adopting Penpot as their design tool of choice.

I can fully see this happening in the future as more people discover this awesome program.